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BPC #16-2013: Throwback Memories

Can you imagine how vain I was before? I just love taking picture of myself using our webcam. This was the time when Facebook isn’t that popular yet because Social Network was dominated by Friendster then. I am just so … Continue reading

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#145/366: Baby Oh My Baby!

Gregory Oh my Gregory! I just love to share the transition growth of my baby! As a Mom, I cannot resist his cuteness! He is so cuddly that I want to hug him all day long! As of now my … Continue reading

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BPC #142/366: Not Losing Hope

It’s almost mid-year and I can’t still make up my mind on what to do first with my quite-busy-life. I tried to gain sponsorship from my co-bloggers for my son’s dedication but hey that is in exchange of a blog … Continue reading

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# 127/366: So-Happy!

  Linking this post to Blog Photo Challenge

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#113/366 BPC/MYM: Jeush Gregory @ 3 Months

Mama’s Focus of affection Today is my baby’s 3rd Month. oops, never mind the date on the picture, I forgot to edit the date on the camera. I am linking this post for Blog Photo Challenge hosted by The Blogger’s … Continue reading

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#110/366 Blog Photo Challenge

This is a page from my scrapbook (that was damaged by the flood!). With me here is my former student, Marky (I just do not know where in the Earth could he be right now).  

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#87/366 Blog Photo Challenge

I am so desperate to learn how to sketch an actual object/subject. I tried it with my colleague… Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to make it. But still, my colleague insisted to post it on his FB wall LOL! Look how … Continue reading

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#82/366: Another Sketch

“Yesterday is gone, and tomorrow, may never be yours. Chill out, and take each day as it comes…” I love these lines that I read from a friend’s blog. Anyway, my entry for today’s Blog Photo Challenge is another sketch. … Continue reading

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# 78/366: Happy Birthday Ahbe!

This gallery contains 20 photos.

This young woman is an epitome of grace and beauty… She’s so versatile yet remain so humble and simple. She could be a friend to anybody. Her attitude draws not only admirers but true friends as well. Ahbe’s so sweet, … Continue reading

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