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No Smoking Please!

I always commute in going to school everyday and one of my struggles is when the driver or the conductor or any of the passengers will smoke. Even if I am almost late, I never take the risk of boarding … Continue reading

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There’s Hope In Everything

I already mentioned in my previous post about juvenile delinquency wherein those kind of people should be in school and not along the streets loitering. Actually, I got a friend who is not really literally among those street kids or … Continue reading

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The DASH Diet

Are you suffering from High blood? Read on. How to lower our blood pressure and cholesterol levels? The answer is now viable with the introduction of DASH Diet or Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension. DASH teaches us the healthier way … Continue reading

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Check This Out:Diet Advice That Actually Works

Here are some of the fad diets that actually works: Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth Cravings- Does anyone wants cookies for dinner? Well, most individuals who is into strict diet thought that cookies for lunch and dinner is a good meal … Continue reading

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What Do You Know About Stem Cell Therapy?

Nowadays, there are many medical claims about fighting cancers effectively. Some suggested for alternative method while others still prefer the chemotherapy, radiation and the like which does not guarantee the patient for 100% survival. All of these incurs bigger cost … Continue reading

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Can’t Stop Smoking?

We all know the effect of smoking in our health however, people who smoke just can’t get enough. Personally, I really hate the smell of cigarettes that I often have an argument with those people who just can’t stop to … Continue reading

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Keeping Our Health At Bay

We can keep our health at bay by taking precautionary measures to avoid any health impairment. Slight symptoms should not be taken for granted for this could be a serious problem in the end. There are practical advices that we … Continue reading

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Cruel Reality (Cigarette Smoking)

I am a daily commuter and it is really my greatest struggle when there is a passenger who is insensitive enough and unmindful of the people around him. I am referring to those smokers who just cannot resist their indulgence … Continue reading

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Affordable Prescription Eye Glasses

Our eyes are said to be the window of our soul, therefore, we should take good care of it. If we start to feel something bad with our vision, we should not ignore it. Before it gets worst, we should … Continue reading

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InfoGraphics: The Human Body

  More here, at   Wow, by merely looking at this graphic, you will learn a lot of things about our human body. This is the kind of graphic that everyone should be aware about. I truly enjoy reading … Continue reading

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