Cruel Reality (Cigarette Smoking)

I am a daily commuter and it is really my greatest struggle when there is a passenger who is insensitive enough and unmindful of the people around him. I am referring to those smokers who just cannot resist their indulgence and all they could think of is satisfying themselves without considering other people. Too bad…

Yesterday I took two rides in order to get to my destination fast. After getting off from the jeepney, I immediately proceeded to the tricycle terminal to get? a ride. I saw one driver with a cigarette but on his hands, since all the tricycles were lined up (as policy, the first on the line will be the first to go) but I refused to take it since I cannot bear taking a ride while slowly killing myself with his cigarette smoke. Good thing one driver (a striker) offered me a ride and then off we go.He then asked me why I didn’t take the tricycle on the first line (alley) and I told him bluntly about my reason. He seems to agree with me. I just couldn’t think how those drivers calculate their earnings from tricycle driving when they still have the indulgence to give in to their vices like the cigarette. The cost for the cheapest cigarette is more or less 50 cents and they were able to consume a maximum of half pack or ten butts per day, that already cost them around 5.00 and if they did it daily, more or less, they could spend 150.00 for the whole month. Wow! What a waste! That’s already equivalent to five kilos of rice. They are enduring the scorching heat of the sun and even the heavy downpour everyday but they never realized the waste they have invested which will eventually ruin themselves too in the long run. It’s just like burning the money that they hardly earned.

What a vain pursuit! But who could blame them? The NO SMOKING BAN was given no justice at all considering that our very own President cannot even control himself from smoking. Too bad because he supposedly set as a good example. I just cannot understand how addicting cigarette could be. How come they cannot resist it? Some? might insist that it is their right however, they should not forget also the welfare of other people, especially for those who do not smoke. Don’t they realized that the harm that a passive smoker (us) could acquire is much dangerous than they do? What a cruel reality. A law was implemented just for the sake of implementation yet with the exception of those who are in the authority? Isn’t it a cruel reality?

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