Be Guided With the Hub Guide

If you want to buy musical instruments but you just do not know what to choose, seek help from the hub guide. For beginners, help really matters a lot. You just cannot simply buy instruments that wont suit your capabilities. As for me, I really want to learn how to play guitar and all I need is a guide on what particular guitar to choose for a beginner learner like me. It is a wiser choice to use instruments that could compensate our skills so that as we progress, so does the instruments that we are going to use.

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If I May Suggest #NotoRematch


I know many of us haven’t got over yet with the outcome of the so-called “The Fight of the Century”. Obviously, I am with the Team Pacquiao, I salute all his endeavors and determination inside the ring to knock out Mayweather despite the fact that he (Mayweather) outsmarted him with his dirty tactics plus all those running and hugging that irks both television and live audiences worldwide.

We’ve already seen this coming. Many Sports Analyst have predicted that unless MP (Manny Pacquiao) knocked out FMJ (Floyd Mayweather Jr.) he will lost the fight.

They reached til the last round, and as expected, FMJ won.

Then came the issue of questionable scores from the judges… the shoulder injury of MP… the  miscommunication, blah, blah and blah blah…

MP asked for rematch right after his shoulder therapy… FMJ agreed.


If I may suggest, I want the People’s Champ to retire. He doesn’t need to prove anything to the people of his worth as a boxer. We’ve already seen it-his strength, his agility, his skills.

He should spend the rest of his life and his fortune with his family. There’s so much for him to attend to. He should preserve his health. Enough is enough. He has already proven his worth. Period.

Besides, though his intention for rematch is for the glory of the Filipino people, but we all know that such rematch could cause some people to gamble, some people to die due to heart attack, and it may put his health again in greater risk.

So please.

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Have An Awesome Shopping Experience with iprice!

Online shopping is fun. If we can go mall hopping, we can also go for online shop hopping. However, not all of us are keen enough to take this kind of stuff considering that it is quite tedious to open more online store sites, chances are, it will cause our connection to work slowly. This problem were already addressed by iprice-your one stop online shopping destination. When you visit their site, you can see lot of online products coming from various online stores. Can you imagine how it works? You will only be opening one particular site, the iprice site and there you can find many items coming from different online stores! It feels like going to SM Department Store and there you can see items merchandised at Robinsons, Ayala, and other well-known malls. The only difference is that-you will see all those stuff right at the comfort of your home because it’s online!


Click the banner to visit the site

Sounds too good to be true? Yes, indeed it is very true! iprice has been doing that to the top prestigious e-commerce advocates countries in Asia including, of course, the Philippines! There’s more that iprice has to offer which will surely delight their customers-it’s the discount coupons for most items coming from Lazada, Zalora, Romwe, and other famous online stores. Imagine the convenience, the comfort and the savings you can get when you do your shopping through iprice. It surely mean a lot of savings!

Check the iprice categories below, this will be of great help in finding the items that you want. Indeed, online shopping would be a great experience when you go through iprice site. All you have to do is simply subscribe to their site so you will get an update of their big discounts and coupons in day to day basis.

iprice categories

Few clicks is all you need in getting what you want. Just be wiser enough. You don’t need to open so many online store sites- what you need is one destination that will cater everything plus you’ll get discount coupons that will make your online shopping an awesome experience!

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Have You Been Tempted?


Temptation by itself is, according to some teaching, not a sin until you give into it. I strongly believe that. We have read Jesus’ story when He was tempted by the devil and yet He didn’t sin.

Nowadays, temptation isn’t as subtle as before. You can find temptation everywhere: in school, in the workplace and even in our sanctuaries!

By the time Eve gave in to the temptation of eating the forbidden fruit, she must have been only thinking of gaining more wisdom, oblivious of the fact that she already committed a big mistake. When she shared the fruit to her husband who willingly accepted the offer- all the more they sinned that God banished them away from the Garden of Eden.

In our times, there are so many Eve and Adam existing nowadays. We might haven’t notice it or maybe we might just be in great denial, we already become an Eve or Adam. We were tempted in so many ways. At times, we were able to stood against it but there were also times that we were completely accepting it with all our might, and even heart, so to speak.

But in times when we are tempted, God is so clear in His Words- He will always provide a way out for us- if and only if we are willing to give it up.

Still, the choice is ours to make.

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How Familiar Are You With XLR Connector?

In the world of media technology, I only get to familiarize myself on hardware as well as software but when it comes to accessories for media equipment, I always ask for an assistance from my hubby who is more acquainted on these things. One concrete example was when my laptop have no VGA port, only HDMI and I badly need a VGA port for my lesson presentations using LCD Projectors, my hubby was always there to the rescue. He bought an adapter on my delight.

female to female XLR

Another example of handy adapters are xlr connectors for the audio equipment. These connectors are circular in design  and have between 3 to 7 pins. We must be careful in buying xlr connectors because there are female to female xlr connectors, these are needed when adapting from XLR to 1/4″ stereo cables. If we are not really that knowledgeable on this area, we might end up getting the wrong one.

Adapters are such an ingenious creation that could make our life easier, I mean, much more comfortable especially now that technology is advancing randomly.

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New Year, New Beginning

Every New Year calls for, well, a renewal of everything that needs to be renewed!

It is indeed feels right to consider the first day of the year as a new beginning to start life anew for the next 365 days. That is why we have those New Year Resolutions. I really do not know where it was originated but many of us embrace such practices that some even took efforts to write it down.

However, we cannot deny the fact that out of those things we have listed, only few were being really fully realized. For me, it really doesn’t matter. What counts the most is how determined are we in changing ourselves for the better year after year.

If we are to create a checklist of the things that we need to do for the current year, all we have to do is to review and try to accomplish those unchecked lists for the following year. We really do not need to complicate things.

For me, change is a slow process that needs a lot of time and , of course, efforts too!

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The Wanna-be Acoustic Artist

Honestly I knew some of the basic chords in playing guitar and I learned that way back in High School however, I did not master the craft for so many so-called “alibis”. My husband is a certified instrumentalist. He can play different musical instruments, but his forte is the acoustic guitar. I thought it would be an edge on my part to have a husband who knows how to strum the guitar, but mind you- I still have a lot of things to learn. Why?

Even before we got married, I already bought him an acoustic guitar for two reasons: one-to support his ministry, and two, hoping that I could really learn. But only the first reason has been justified and I chose to ignore the second.

I thought learning that thing is as easy as singing but I was completely wrong. I really find it difficult to adjust my fingers on the strings. Honestly, it was a struggle on my part. Until I gave up. I wonder how Aiza can do it flawlessly. Maybe it has something to do with the physical attributes of the guitar. My husband’s guitar is quite too big for me that it is quite hard on my part to position myself. I also wonder if baby Taylors guitar would fit me well. Considering that is is travel-size and ideal for students, then maybe it is ideal for me too.

I could only hope because until now, I really find it so cool to see a woman who can play the guitar with ease.

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Jesus Reigns

Jesus Reigns!

Be a part of this momentous event that will happen simultaneously to 82 provinces of the Philippine archipelago.


Be there when it happens!

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A Token for Mom

“We’ll never knew how it feels to be a Mom unless we became one”

Absolutely TRUE!

I only get to appreciate the efforts and love of my mother when I became a Mom to two adorable babies. Right now, I knew for a fact that there are so many things that I want to say to her yet I felt a little bit awkward to do so because personally i am not really that expressive. I mean, I am not very good with words. I rather show it to her through my actions.

My Mom and I really went through a lot. We’ve been to many misunderstandings and arguments before yet a Mom will always be a Mom- she always stood for me, no matter what. She’s the very person that I run to when there is nothing left in me- hypothetically and literally speaking.

with Mother Dear…

Right now, she is just waiting for her petition to be approved. My younger sister petitioned her for US. By just merely thinking of her being too far from me is quite frustrating already, yet that’s what she was dreaming about and I have no right to stop her. In as much as I want to spend more time with her, my time and schedule won’t allow me that is why every time we have a family bonding initiated by her, I made it a point to be present no matter what.

Probably, this coming Christmas would be her last Christmas here in the  Philippines, God willing. I do not know if how long will she’s going to stay with my sister. I know she already had something on her mind when she gets there. Whew, I felt like crying upon thinking that she will be beyond my reach soon. And being her last Christmas in the Philippines, how I wish I could give her a mother ring that I found on a jewelry website lately. She loves fashion and accessories. In fact, she got more collections than I do. With that simple token I have in mind, for sure she will treasure it and will use it because that is how my Mom valued us so much.

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When Somebody Pushed You to the Limit…

… giving up could be an option.

But NO, it won’t and will never be that EASY!… easier said than done, I should say.

It’s undeniable that as much as you want to live harmoniously with everybody, there will always be that somebody who will test your patience to the limit.

And when you are being pushed to your limit, you can possibly be the kind of person beyond your imagination- the BEAST in you might overwhelms the BEST thing that people have known about you.

Indeed, controlling our temper and emotion becomes difficult when we run out of patience. There are so many articles I’ve read about how to control emotions, but even those knowledge that we acquired from those write ups would mean nothing when we are in real-life situation.

And the sad part is- when out of your impatience, you tend to hurt other people as well just simply because you choose to do so.

And what would be the ending?

REGRETS of course!

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