The Wanna-be Acoustic Artist

Honestly I knew some of the basic chords in playing guitar and I learned that way back in High School however, I did not master the craft for so many so-called “alibis”. My husband is a certified instrumentalist. He can play different musical instruments, but his forte is the acoustic guitar. I thought it would be an edge on my part to have a husband who knows how to strum the guitar, but mind you- I still have a lot of things to learn. Why?

Even before we got married, I already bought him an acoustic guitar for two reasons: one-to support his ministry, and two, hoping that I could really learn. But only the first reason has been justified and I chose to ignore the second.

I thought learning that thing is as easy as singing but I was completely wrong. I really find it difficult to adjust my fingers on the strings. Honestly, it was a struggle on my part. Until I gave up. I wonder how Aiza can do it flawlessly. Maybe it has something to do with the physical attributes of the guitar. My husband’s guitar is quite too big for me that it is quite hard on my part to position myself. I also wonder if baby Taylors guitar would fit me well. Considering that is is travel-size and ideal for students, then maybe it is ideal for me too.

I could only hope because until now, I really find it so cool to see a woman who can play the guitar with ease.

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Jesus Reigns

Jesus Reigns!

Be a part of this momentous event that will happen simultaneously to 82 provinces of the Philippine archipelago.


Be there when it happens!

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A Token for Mom

“We’ll never knew how it feels to be a Mom unless we became one”

Absolutely TRUE!

I only get to appreciate the efforts and love of my mother when I became a Mom to two adorable babies. Right now, I knew for a fact that there are so many things that I want to say to her yet I felt a little bit awkward to do so because personally i am not really that expressive. I mean, I am not very good with words. I rather show it to her through my actions.

My Mom and I really went through a lot. We’ve been to many misunderstandings and arguments before yet a Mom will always be a Mom- she always stood for me, no matter what. She’s the very person that I run to when there is nothing left in me- hypothetically and literally speaking.

with Mother Dear…

Right now, she is just waiting for her petition to be approved. My younger sister petitioned her for US. By just merely thinking of her being too far from me is quite frustrating already, yet that’s what she was dreaming about and I have no right to stop her. In as much as I want to spend more time with her, my time and schedule won’t allow me that is why every time we have a family bonding initiated by her, I made it a point to be present no matter what.

Probably, this coming Christmas would be her last Christmas here in the  Philippines, God willing. I do not know if how long will she’s going to stay with my sister. I know she already had something on her mind when she gets there. Whew, I felt like crying upon thinking that she will be beyond my reach soon. And being her last Christmas in the Philippines, how I wish I could give her a mother ring that I found on a jewelry website lately. She loves fashion and accessories. In fact, she got more collections than I do. With that simple token I have in mind, for sure she will treasure it and will use it because that is how my Mom valued us so much.

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When Somebody Pushed You to the Limit…

… giving up could be an option.

But NO, it won’t and will never be that EASY!… easier said than done, I should say.

It’s undeniable that as much as you want to live harmoniously with everybody, there will always be that somebody who will test your patience to the limit.

And when you are being pushed to your limit, you can possibly be the kind of person beyond your imagination- the BEAST in you might overwhelms the BEST thing that people have known about you.

Indeed, controlling our temper and emotion becomes difficult when we run out of patience. There are so many articles I’ve read about how to control emotions, but even those knowledge that we acquired from those write ups would mean nothing when we are in real-life situation.

And the sad part is- when out of your impatience, you tend to hurt other people as well just simply because you choose to do so.

And what would be the ending?

REGRETS of course!

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Learn to Play Guitar Easily with Capo

When I was still in High School, I was really eager to learn how to play guitar. I envied most of my friends because they could play it perfectly. Since then I always asked my elder brother to teach me even just for simple chords. Now that I got married, I am indeed blessed to have a husband who can play the guitar very well. I really learned a lot from him. However, because I am a working Mom, I find it hard to squeeze the guitar lesson on my schedule.

Planet Waves NS Classical Guitar Capo

One thing that makes it so difficult for me is to train my fingers in learning the chords especially those that are quite complicated for me. Then my husband told me the uses of capo. According to him, it is of great help for higher note. He showed how guitar capos really work by using it while playing. Well, I guess, I need to spend more time before I can be confident enough in playing the guitar.

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Amen To This

Isaiah 2:17-18 (34 kb)

Soon God will reign again.

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Breaking the Chain

This is absolutely TRUE!

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The Healthy Effect of Magnets Into Our Body

We might have not known it yet, but I read on a certain magazine that magnets are good for our body in eliminating minor pains. Well, if that is indeed true, I am pretty sure one cannot just allow themselves to bring a magnet literally and put it near the affected area.

The fastest acting stainless magnetic jewelry for pain relief in seconds

To really enjoy the benefits of magnets to our health, why not make use of jewelries that is made out of superior magnetics? Such accessories are already widely available in the market however we must still be careful and should ensure that we are getting the genuine one or better yet, purchase it on a reliable site online.

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Another Innovation from SoClean

I know the effect of Ebola Virus throughout the whole world, it successfully created a universal scare among individuals most especially the health workers who are working in the clinic or hospitals.

Recently, I heard on a certain TV channel the  death of a nurse because she was infected with Ebola Virus coming from his patient. It was indeed very scary thus creating a buzz throughout the whole world. Most medical personnel are being instructed to use their own health gear. But of course, with such kind of environment that is prone to infection, they should have their protective gear cleaned everyday with a trusted brand of cleanser  just like the SoClean 2 CPAP sanitizing machine that specializes on CPAP units only

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Bringing Back the Innocence Within

Matthew 18:3 (83 kb)

Needless to say. we must always remember the basic of living a Godly- life and that could include our total innocence.

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