MUST’s 77th Commencement Exercise Concluded (a Reality After Graduation)

The best part of being a student is when you made it ’til the finish line and earned the degree that you have been enduring for four or five years or even more!

Today marks the 77th Commencement Exercise of my dear alma mater. I remember it was 12 years ago when I have that kind of feeling, reaping your sweet success after those rigid moments of burning the midnight candle. I have a mixed emotions during that time. I am happy for what I have achieved but at the same time I am apprehensive to the fact that I have to face the next chapter of my life which is the reality of getting a job and achieve something for myself that I can really be proud of. Yeah that was 12 years ago, and right I could say that after 12 years I really haven’t accomplished that much but I am getting there. I have partly wasted some of those 12 long years but I don’t want to dwell on the negative aspects brought by wrong decisions I made. On the lighter note, i am so happy for all my students who made it in spite of those difficult times that they’ve been through. I am also proud to say that most of my students excel on their respective field of specialization. To  think, they achieved far better than me but it is okay with me because I still believe that we have different perfect time for success and as for me, I am really getting there sooner than later. I am so proud that in my own little way, I am part of their achievement. All I could pray for them now is that they will be able to land a good job and be happy with wherever life may take them right after receiving their diploma.

To my studes, kudos!

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Understanding Hard Water in the Home


Hard water is a common problem around the country—it’s estimated that more than three-quarters of homes are affected by hard water. It can occur in any environment, and most people are completely unaware they have it. Talk to a Provo plumber like the ones at American Plumbing Services to test your home for hard water and see what steps you can take to improve it.

What Is Hard Water?

 Hard water is water that contains extra calcium and magnesium. This usually happens when the water moves through the soil and picks up extra particles. These particles dissolve into the water and are carried into your home. They can’t be removed by most typical purification methods, such as filtering or boiling your water, since they are not technically “impurities.” Hard water is infamous for leaving soap scum on your skin or in your bathtub instead of rinsing it away completely. If you notice that your skin and hair don’t feel like they’re getting completely clean when you take a shower, you may have hard water. You will also probably notice stains on your dishes, car, or anything else you wash.

Why Is It a Problem?

 Hard water is not actually harmful to the human body. In fact, people need a certain amount of calcium and magnesium to live. So it’s possible to live a perfectly healthy life in a home with hard water. However, hard water is still harmful to your appliances that use water, as well as your entire plumbing system. It causes mineral buildups to form anywhere the water touches, which can clog pipes or create leaks. These buildups can also drastically shorten the lifespan of important appliances like your refrigerator, water heater, and dishwasher.

How Can a Plumber Help?

 A Provo plumber can help relieve your hard water troubles in two ways. First, he can remove all the scale buildups in your pipes left by your hard water. This frees up your pipes and lets water flow unrestricted to and from your house. These deposits are difficult to remove on your own, even with commercial drain cleaners. Your plumber can also install a water softening system in your home. This treats all the water coming into your home, and you should start seeing a difference right away.

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Derivation of Formula

Derivation of Quadratic Formula Hand-outs

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God’s Gift

1 Timothy 4:14 (44 kb)

What’s your gifting? Is it in the area of teaching? or is it in counselling?

Regardless of our educational attainment, career, profession, each one of us are given a specific talent or gifting by God. Some of us are blessed with several gifts but we are just sometimes too passive that we neglect to make use of it.

God calls us for a purpose. He made us so special. And I believe that one of our gifts is to make Him known to other people. We might not notice it but there are areas in our lives where we prefer to remain an observer instead of being a doer. We are not able to maximize our gifts or perhaps we just choose to ignore them. We become too passive that we get contented of the fact that we are already saved and inviting others to get the same privilege becomes a negligible responsibility for us.

Remember, we are all accountable with each other.

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Tax Tips for Starting Your Own Business


Many people dream of owning their own business and being in charge of their success or failure. Without the proper preparation, though, starting a new business can lead to dire tax consequences that you might not have thought about. Legal consultants, like the Mutual Law Group who specialize in tax law, can be a great help so that you don’t make simple mistakes that can turn into a nightmare. They can help you comply with the IRS’s different tax codes.

Tax Pointers from the IRS

The IRS offers five tax-related suggestions for those starting their own business, including the following:

  • Determine the type of business you will be starting. Common legal classifications include a sole proprietorship, an S corporation, a partnership, and a limited liability corporation. The IRS emphasizes that the taxes for each type are handled separately.
  • Learn about the type of taxes you pay such as self-employment tax, income tax, and others.
  • Find out whether or not you need an Employee Identification Number (EIN) for your taxes. Some businesses do and some don’t.
  • Keep good records. This is critical for filing your taxes each year. Find a good, thorough system that works for you and your type of business.
  • Choose an accounting method that is appropriate for your business. There are different accounting methods for different systems. Most businesses use a cash method or an accrual method. But, some businesses need, and can profit by, an entirely different accounting method.

Seek Legal Help

The tax issues of starting a new business can be really complicated. If you don’t set them up and report them as the law dictates, there can be dire, lasting consequences. The IRS isn’t always very forgiving. Moreover, choosing the right accounting method can make your business more profitable. Without a thorough understanding of the different tax regulations and codes, you cannot make the best decisions for your business. That is why many individuals looking to start their own business find it useful to work with a tax attorney in Sacramento. Tax law firms, such as the Mutual Law Group, know the ins and outs of the law and can help you get your business started right.

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Welcome Back Common Sense!

Well, honestly speaking, I almost forgotten the value of common sense, LOL! I decided on things without thinking it first. But God has His way of reminding me about my shortcomings. Nevertheless, I am so glad that finally, I was back to my right senses LOL!

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What I Love About Blogging

The first time I heard about blogging I was really excited. When I started doing it, I immediately love it. It was in 2009 that I started creating blogs. Since I am over excited, I created seven blogs with unique niches but later on realized that it’s not that easy to manage multiple blogs so I cut it down to three. It was surprising to note that blogging started to emerge in 1997 and I cannot imagine why it took me twelve years before I get introduced to it.

For five years now, I can really say that blogging helps me a lot. I used to write all my thoughts and ideas in my notebook journals but when I’ve came to known blogging, it became my constant companion during my ups and downs. I get to share all my achievement, frustrations, inspirations and ideas in blogging. But the most important of all is that I get to monetize my blog by writing quality paid articles. I also won many freebies like free domain and web hosting through the sponsorship of my co-bloggers.

One doesn’t need to be an IT expert to learn how to blog. My first few months in blogging was indeed a learning experience. I learn how to create badges after several trial and error. I also gain helpful tips from my co-blogger friends. What’s so good in blogging is that I earned a lot of friends with same interest and we also share ideas and even opportunities!

In my Educational Technology Class, I introduced blogging to my students. I am glad that there are really some who prosper on this craft. As a teacher, it is easier for me to assess whom among my students are potential writers and I made it a point to encourage them to blog.

Basing on the infographic below, have I known blogging earlier than 2009, I should be an expert now. Thanks to the genius behind the art of web log, a.k.a. blogging.

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Maximizing Google Apps

One thing that I love with my Educational Technology Class is that I can easily find ways to keep my student busy by applying and maximizing the internet resources like Google Apps.  Last week I introduced to them the Google Drive and it is indeed so surprising that only few of them are familiar with it. They have only known GMail not knowing that Google can give them more helpful apps.

My Google Account

My Google Account

I already introduced to them Blogging and Basic HTML, so last week I instructed them to write a sample of hand-outs in relation to their specific field of specialization using the Google Drive. Since they are already familiar with Microsoft Word Applications, they finished the job in less time than expected.

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The Importance of Speaker System

Once again, the youth organization in our church successfully conducted the annual True Love Wait symposium. It’s going to be a week long activity where the organizers will have it conducted in some selected schools of Cagayan de Oro. I am also happy that my hubby was part of the event as Audio Technician. He is good at it especially in controlling speaker system which is very important for any speaking engagement. Having a good sound quality speaker is very important especially if holding large crowd.

The True Love Wait symposium will conclude on February 28 and it is my prayer that more youth will give importance in the significance of waiting for their one true love.

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The Role of Media in Social Awareness Among Little Ones

Media, as we all know, plays a very important role in molding the social responsiveness/responsibilities of the greater population, especially the younger generations. Most oftentimes, parents are too busy with their daily undertakings that they allow their children to spend most of their time in either television or computer without their guidance. This is where the role of media should come in. I know most televisions have allocated significant hours for cartoon movies/shows intended for young audiences. However, not all cartoon movies/shows are good shows at all. There are cartoon movies that promotes violence and disrespect. I won’t mention any particular show but this is somehow threatening considering that children may be greatly influenced by what they’ve been watching. Personally, I do not like anime shows. Most of the theme are all about vengeance, violence though it is just a cartoon/anime shows but still its message has big impact on the way our little ones might behave. I would prefer educational shows that promotes learning and good values. Of course, parents has  a bigger role in molding and disciplining their children. But again, reality bites, most parents are too busy making a living that they could no longer control everything that keeps their children busy.

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